Winter Storm Uri

While we were all huddled at home with our families waiting out Winter Storm Uri last week, Shangri La Gardens transformed into a stunning winter wonderland. Check out our favorite landmarks covered in a blanket of ice and snow. 

Green Thumb Tip: With the recent winter storm, our plants and yours may look dead but could have new growth in the next few weeks if the weather continues to stay mild. For annuals, most will not come back from the freeze damage. Remove the ‘mushy’ parts of perennial plants and bulbs. This promotes new leaf growth and air circulation and prevents a fungal outbreak. Subtropical plants such as ginger and hibiscus, can be cut back to the ground. For roses, this is the time of year to prune them, so go ahead and do that now. Other more woody shrubs and trees, wait a few more weeks before cutting anything back. This includes citrus, azaleas, camellias, and gardenias.