Weeds do Grow in Winter

Contrary to popular belief, weeds do grow in winter and there are, in fact, a whole list of weed species that only grow in either winter or summer which translates to job security for gardeners! Besides weeding, winter tasks include diligent maintenance to keep the gardens looking nice and well cared for, as well as some winter pruning to help perennial plants maintain their shape and vigor. Something most people don’t associate with winter is flowers (other than the winter annuals) but if you know where to look you’ll find them. In the courtyard the diminutive flowers of Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’ are almost unnoticeable except for the blush they cast along the stems. Now is also the time to see, and in some cases smell, the Camellias in bloom with C. ‘High Fragrance’ living up to its name! Soon we will have more spring ephemerals blooming with more Snowflakes and Narcissus pushing up. Bundle up and come out to enjoy the gardens!