Virtual Adventure Registration: 4th Grade

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Virtual Field Trip Registration: 4th Grade

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  • If you teach OUTSIDE of Orange County: All kits must be picked up at Shangri La Gardens during normal business hours. We will contact you to schedule your pick-up time.
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Program Descriptions

Local Legends: Animals of Southeast Texas (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Investigate the animals who call Southeast Texas home. It’s exciting to explore exotic animals, but our Texas animal friends deserve some attention too. Show off your Texas pride by getting to know the animals with whom we share our state. We’ll explore animals that live in the swamp, forest, meadow, and bayou. Can you guess who we might meet on this adventure?! 

Classroom Kit Description: Use what you discovered to play Local Legends BINGO! But wait, this is not just a regular bingo game, it’s also an exciting challenge. The student who calls BINGO first even gets a prize! 

Armor and Adaptations (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: It’s survival of the fittest at Shangri La Gardens and we’re on a mission to uncover how animals adapt to their ever-changing environments. Whether animals have feathers, scales or fur, they each have unique features that help keep them safe! We’ll explore important adaptations and discover interesting ways animals survive. 

Classroom Kit Description: Challenge your students to think outside the box to create their very own armor! Each classroom will be provided the supplies to create an “egg drop challenge”. Working in small groups, students will use their creativity to build effective armor around their delicate eggs before putting their project to the test! 

A Raptor’s Lunch (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Discover raptors and how they survive. Raptors are different than other types of birds and have specialized features to show for it! We’ll take a close up look at feathers, beaks, feet, and anything else we can find. Explore what helps a bird of prey survive and thrive in their habitat. 

Classroom Kit Description: Then, explore the food chain of an owl and investigate just exactly what birds of prey eat for lunch. Take a set of owl pellets back to the classroom for dissection. Dissection kits will come with all the materials you need along with bone charts to identify what you find! 

Pollution Solution (Fall/Winter/ Spring) 

Video Description: Paper, plastic and trash, OH MY! Explore the world of litter with Shangri La Gardens as we define the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle! Let’s examine the impact of waste in our environment and what we can do to make a difference. Together, we can find the solution to pollution! 

Classroom Kit Description: Take your classroom on an exciting adventure around school grounds to participate in a campus clean-up! Shangri La Gardens will provide trash clean-up supplies for the class! Encourage your classroom to work together to beautify their campus while also 

Creature Features (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Let’s explore animal categories. We’ll dive into the differences between reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds to discover what makes each unique. We’ll see some animals up close and some animals incognito as they go about their daily lives. 

Classroom Kit Description: Take what you learned to create your own creature. We’ll send a class set of air dry clay for students to model one of the animals we explored in the video or take characteristics from more than one animal to make a completely new creature. 

Forces of Nature (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Explore physics in nature dur-ing this exciting journey. We’ll investigate force, motion, and energy and discover a little more about their role in nature. 

Classroom Kit Description: Accelerate the excitement with a series of classroom experiments. These inquiry based activities are sure to spark curiosity. Students will be encouraged to experiment with physics and 

The Carnival of the Shangri La Gardens Animals (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Join Shangri La Gardens, the Symphony of Southeast Texas, and the Lutcher The-ater for a virtual learning opportunity where music meets nature. Featuring The Carnival of the Ani-mals by Camille Saint-Saëns, we engage our active listening skills to find the similarities between the sounds of music and Mother Earth. Through this lesson we integrate the arts and sciences, discover-ing the many characters of nature and animals that can be replicated through music. 

This two-part video series features a follow-along classroom booklet designed to keep your students engaged, while Maestro Tipton leads the Symphony of Southeast Texas through this exciting piece. Crit-ical thinking skills will be utilized and practiced, as the animals featured in Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals are compared to the ani-mals found at Shangri La Gardens. 

Classroom Kit Description: Continue the musical journey by exploring pitch and vibration. In this hands-on opportunity students will make their very own Sensational Sound Sandwich, a harmonica like instrument! Then, students will be tasked to experiment with their instrument and discover different musical elements. 

Scientist Spotlight (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Inspire your students to be a scientist when they grow up! There are so many dif-ferent kinds of scientists in the world, so we decided to get out and about in order to meet a few. During this extra special adventure, we’ll go out into the community to discover the many scientists who work right here in Southeast Texas. We’ll not only uncover new inspiration for science but also make a couple of friends along the way. 

Classroom Kit Description: This activity requires investigation! Students are provided writing prompts to encourage critical thinking as they explore the many different types of scientists. Then, each student can choose a type of scientist to re-search further, exploring what that job entails and the pathway to become a scientist. 

Home is Where Your Habitat is (Fall) 

Video Description: Experience the best of the Stark Museum of Art and Shangri La Gardens during this virtual program! At Shangri La Gardens, students will explore different habitats found in Southeast Texas. They will discover the three components of a habitat: food, water and shelter. As we explore the swamp, forest, and meadows, we will investigate the plants and animals that call each habitat home. At the Stark Museum of Art, students will explore how artists depict the habitats of animals and people, as well as how they use materials from their natural habitat to create unique works of art. This program includes a virtual visit to the special exhibition The West as Home

Classroom Kit Description: During the virtual studio art program, students will create a work of art inspired by their own habitat. Studio Art Kits will include supplies for each student to create a three-dimensional nature collage of their own or an imagined habitat. Classroom teachers may supplement with crayons, colored pencils, magic markers, or additional collage materials they have available. 

This is a combo lesson in conjunction with the Stark Museum of Art. Click here to reserve.

Birds, Birds, Birds! (Fall/Spring) 

Video Description: Join the Shangri La Gardens education team as we search the meadows, swamp, lake, and bayou searching for the birds that call these habitats home. We will observe birds nesting in our heronry and discover what makes each bird species nest type unique. We also investigate and explore the adaptations that allow birds to thrive in their ecological niche. 

Classroom Kit Description: Dive into the life of a bird and try out one of their famous skills, nest building. In this activity students take weaving into their own hands to make a mini basket-nest. Then, students can take it one step further by embellishing their unique nests, just like birds do in the wild! 

Live Sessions

Call 409-670-9113 or email Jamie Massa,, to reserve Question Session Programs.

Live Virtual Question Session (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Sign up for a live virtual question conference with our Shangri La Educators. In this 20-minute session your students can ask questions about content from one of our program videos! Schedule the date, time, and video you’d like to discuss. We can’t wait to hear your questions. This is a LIVE scheduled session. 

LIVE Virtual Field Trip – Teachers Choice! 

Join us for a 20-minute LIVE virtual field trip where we’ll explore the best of the gardens, together. Is there something you especially miss about Shangri La Gardens? We can customize this LIVE virtual experience to explore your favorite place, or a Shangri La Educator will assist you in choosing a feature that looks especially spectacular depending on the season.