Virtual Adventure Registration: 3rd Grade

All program descriptions are listed below the form for reference.

Virtual Field Trip Registration: 3rd Grade

  • Kit Information

    We customize each classroom kit to your classroom. Please let us know each registered teachers name and the number of students in their respective classes. Each kit comes as a set specific to each classroom.
  • Please Note: If you are homeschooling, all kits must be picked up at Shangri La Gardens during normal business hours. We will contact you to schedule your pick-up time.
  • Delivery is only available for private and public schools in Orange County. If you are OUTSIDE of Orange County, please select "I teach outside of Orange County" and select your pick-up date in the following section.
  • If you teach OUTSIDE of Orange County: All kits must be picked up at Shangri La Gardens during normal business hours. We will contact you to schedule your pick-up time.
  • If Orange County, please include a physical drop-off address.

Program Descriptions

Local Legends: Animals of Southeast Texas (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Investigate the animals who call Southeast Texas home. It’s exciting to explore exotic animals, but our Texas animal friends deserve some attention too. Show off your Texas pride by getting to know the animals with whom we share our state. We’ll explore animals that live in the swamp, forest, meadow, and bayou. Can you guess who we might meet on this adventure?!

Classroom Kit Description: Use what you discovered to play Local Legends BINGO! But wait, this is not just a regular bingo game, it’s also an exciting challenge. The student who calls BINGO first even gets a prize!

A Raptor’s Lunch (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Discover raptors and how they survive. Raptors are different than other types of birds and have specialized features to show for it! We’ll take a close up look at feathers, beaks, feet, and anything else we can find. Explore what helps a bird of prey survive and thrive in their habitat.

Classroom Kit Description: Explore the food chain of an owl and investigate just exactly what birds of prey eat for lunch. Take a set of owl pellets back to the classroom for dissection. Dissection kits will come with all the materials you need along with bone charts to identify what you find!

Creature Features (Fall/Winter/Spring) 

Video Description: Let’s explore animal categories. We’ll dive into the differences between reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds to discover what makes each unique. We’ll see some animals up close and some animals incognito as they go about their daily lives. 

Classroom Kit Description: Take what you learned to create your own creature. We’ll send a class set of air dry clay for students to model one of the animals we explored in the video or take characteristics from more than one animal to make a completely new creature.