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This form is for non-school group tours only.  To book a school tour, please use the following link:
Shangri La School Tours

  • Kit Information

    We customize each classroom kit to your classroom. Please let us know each registered teachers name and the number of students in their respective classes. Each kit comes as a set specific to each classroom.
  • Please Note: If you are homeschooling, all kits must be picked up at Shangri La Gardens during normal business hours. We will contact you to schedule your pick-up time.
  • Delivery is only available for private and public schools in Orange County. If you are OUTSIDE of Orange County, please select "I teach outside of Orange County" and select your pick-up date in the following section.
  • If you teach OUTSIDE of Orange County: All kits must be picked up at Shangri La Gardens during normal business hours. We will contact you to schedule your pick-up time.
  • If Orange County, please include a physical drop-off address.

[gform-tooltip value=”shangri_la_garden”]The Botanical Garden Tour is a walking tour of the formal Botanical Gardens led by a knowledgeable guide to provide information and interpretation. The formal Botanical Gardens contain more than 300 plant species in five formal “rooms” as well as four sculpture “rooms.” Adjacent to the Botanical Gardens is a bird blind which allows visitors to observe nesting birds in Shangri La’s heronry. The walk is a little over one mile and all paths are wheelchair accessible. There is no limit to the number of people who can participate. This tour takes approximately two hours.[/gform-tooltip]
[gform-tooltip value=”shangri_la_outpost”]The Outpost Tour is a short walk to our Nature Discovery Center where visitors take a short ride on Adams Bayou to one of the outposts in the Cypress/ Tupelo Swamp. A knowledgeable guide is on board to provide information and and interpretation. All paths are wheelchair accessible. Availability is limited to 26 people. Two tours may be available, for a maximum of 52. Children under 4 years of age are not allowed on Outpost Tours. The tour takes approximately one hour thirty minutes.[/gform-tooltip]
[gform-tooltip class=”box-lunches” type=”select”]In order to keep tours on schedule, visitors are encouraged to reserve box lunches from our Star and Crescent Moon Cafe.

  • The Star and Crescent Moon Café Boxed Lunches (with pre-arranged tour) include choice of sandwich or salad, chips, fruit, cookie and bottled water for only $9.00, including tax.
  • The Star and Crescent Moon Café Children’s Box Lunches (ages 12 and under please, with pre-arranged tour) include choice of sandwich, chips, fruit, cookie and your choice of bottled water or juice box for only $5.00, including tax.