Teacher Workshops

Shangri La offers a range of free teacher workshops throughout the year to current teachers, future educators, and homeschool parents. Our goal is to provide educators with the tools they need to provide sound outdoor science education programs that are aligned with the science objectives for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our workshops focus on improving science instruction, reinforcing pedagogy appropriate for teaching outdoors, and introducing teachers to the field trip programs offered at Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.

Shangri La is an approved CPE provider for Texas Education Association. Teachers who attend our workshops receive official CPE credits and proof of attendance for each workshop.

Shangri La and the Stark Foundation are proud to support our local teachers by providing quality professional development opportunities that are free of charge.

Current Workshop Offerings

Explorer Tour Workshops

  • Explorer Tours offer classroom teachers the opportunity to lead their students on a self-guided educational tour through Shangri La’s gardens and Nature Discovery Center. In order for teachers to take advantage of self-guided Explorer Tours, Shangri La offers free Explorer Tour Workshops that provide an introduction to the gardens so teachers can comfortably lead their own tours. Learn more about Explorer Tour Workshops here.