Seasonal Garden Highlights


A stroll through Shangri La Botanical Garden is a delight to the senses with the amazing array of seasonal displays from annuals to mature trees that keep the garden alive and colorful year round. 

Annual floral and foliage displays in beds and containers is a tradition at Shangri La. Our staff creates spectacular combinations that make the gardens continuously interesting. These displays are integrated in every part of the garden, enveloping the visitor in a showcase of colors, forms, and textures.

The horticultural staff at Shangri La is constantly researching annual flowering and foliage plants to determine which varieties will perform best in our Gulf Coast environment. In addition, they search for plants that will provide the most attractive features for our seasonal design schemes. This is a time consuming effort since there are four change-outs a year encompassing nearly 100,000 plants in the planting schemes that are designed to celebrate the different seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Winter focuses on cooler colors including blues, greys, and white. Spring targets pastel colors similar to the colors used in dyed Easter eggs. Summer is a time for hot colors like brilliant reds and yellow. And, fall closes out the growing season with the warm colors of the harvest season including bronze, gold and orange.

Please be sure to check back on this page throughout the year to learn more about the combinations being used in the garden to create spectacular seasonal displays. We’re sure that you’ll find ideas for your own garden!