Saturday Adventure Series

Our Saturday Adventure Series classes are designed for families to experience the natural world together. Classes may include hands-on opportunities, interesting experiences, interactive games or all of the above. Bring the whole family for nature-related fun!

These classes run on selected Saturdays in the spring and fall of each year.

They last for one hour, from 10 to 11 am. Admission is free!

Upcoming Programs

Fall 2022

Buzz over to Shangri La Gardens to explore the wonderful world of bees! We will investigate our worker bees and discover how our garden benefits from bees. Fun for the whole family!*Allergy alert – during this program we will be around active bees.*

Plants need a lot of help to grow! We will be talking all about plant needs for this program as we stroll through the children’s garden. At the end, you will even get to make a new chia seed friend to take home and watch grow.

“Are there alligators in the bayou?” Yes, there are!  Come and learn more about our modern day dinosaur, the alligator. The alligator has been around for millions of years and has some unique adaptations. You might even be able to create your own alligator to take home. 

What the difference between a marsh and a swamp? Not sure? Come and join us as we explore the difference in a hike around Shangri La Gardens. We will check some of our neat inhabitants that make it swampy. 

*Closed toe shoes REQUIRED.  No strollers.  Shangri La’s natural areas are NOT handicap accessible. There is no option for a ‘shorter route’ *.

Have you ever wondered why coniferous trees try new things so often? It’s because they turn over a new leaf every autumn haha! Join us as we learn how leaves get their color and discover why they change during this time of the year.

Hangout with us and learn about the spooky creatures that roam the night skies. During this family friendly program, we will discover interesting facts about our local bat species including how they eat, how they hunt, and even how they benefit humans!

It’s time for lunch, but what will you have?! Will it be some tasty cattails? Or a bright green anole? Come find out the delicious meals some of our native animals are having for lunch and how the energy flows through the food web.