Saturday Adventure Series

Our Saturday Adventure Series classes are designed for families to experience the natural world together. Classes may include hands-on opportunities, interesting experiences, interactive games or all of the above. Bring the whole family for nature-related fun!

These classes run on selected Saturdays in the spring and fall of each year.

They last for one hour, from 10 to 11 am. Admission is free!

Upcoming Programs

All programs are currently FULL. To get on our waitlist, please contact Jamie at

Spring 2022

Cuckoo for Kokedamas – March 12th

Join us in creating your own hanging plant display. This centuries-old Japanese tradition uses a “moss ball” to showcase plants while saving space. Each participant will leave with one (or more!) of their very own hand-made kokedamas to hang inside their homes. You may go cuckoo for kokedamas on this Saturday’s adventure!

Colossal CloudsMarch 19th

Come to Shangri La Gardens and explore our wonderful clouds! We will survey the sky to see what kinds of clouds are present that day. We’ll demonstrate the water cycle and experiment with evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. We’ll even sing along with a catchy song, too! Then, everyone will be able to make their own fluffy cumulus clouds using soap. Every participant will have the opportunity to make their own mini terrarium to continue their cloud investigations at home.

Stick With It – March 26th

Come on out for a woodland adventure to explore the marvels of Shangri La Gardens. On this adventure, you’ll immerse yourself on a discovery journey as we search for the perfect natural elements needed to create a Journey Stick. Your newly decorated treasure will enhance your storytelling to family and friends, and serve as a unique reminder of your wilderness journey for years to come.

Sensational Sachets – April 2nd

Come and join us t as we explore a variety of herbs grown right here, at Shangri La Gardens! We will make sensory discoveries in the Children’s Garden as we feel, smell, and even pick some herbs to take home. Each participant will have the opportunity to create their very own, customized potpourri sachet using the same herbs we investigated in the garden.

“Egging” You On… – April 9th

We’re egging you on to join us as we borrow some of nature to dye holiday festive eggs. This hands-on experience will help us celebrate the Easter season while discovering a little more about nature too. We’ll explore unique methods to extract a spectrum of earth tone pigments from our eco-friendly ingredients. Then, we’ll dye a variety of beautiful, naturally colored eggs – sure to be worthy treasures on any holiday hunt. Chances are you already have everything you’ll need in your kitchen to replicate this experience at home again and again!

Trash to Treasure – April 16th

Join us on a creative adventure to find inspiration in nature by exploring the habitat of birds. After our exploration, we will use our imagination to create unique bird houses from a variety of recycled items. We encourage all participants to take their creation home for their little birdie friends to enjoy. We need your help turning trash to treasure! 

Flowers and Friends – April 30th

Did you know that each part of the flower has a specific job? Come join us as we dissect, label, and investigate each flower part and its function. Then, we’ll discover all about pollinators! These important critters help gardens overflow with flowers. Games, activities, and a stroll through the garden will allow the whole family to explore this wonderful part of nature.

Making the Best Out of Waste – May 7th

This week, we have a mess on our hands. That’s what recycling really is when you think about it – a big batch of messy fun! On this adventure, we’ll make the best out of used paper and recycle it in a papermaking project. Participants will discover how to use the deckle, a very famous papermaking tool, while making their very own creation to take home.  

Cooking with the Sun May 14th

Come “drop it like it’s hot” at Shangri La Gardens as we flex our engineering skills to design a solar oven. Get excited because this adventure involves sun cooked snacks! We will use our new creations to make an edible treat using the awesome power of the SUN. This make-and-take workshop will be exciting for you here, and at home!