Saturday Adventure Series

Our Saturday Adventure Series classes are designed for families to experience the natural world together. Classes may include hands-on opportunities, interesting experiences, interactive games or all of the above. Bring the whole family for nature-related fun!

These classes run on selected Saturdays in the spring and fall of each year.

They last for one hour, from 10 to 11 am. Admission is free!

Upcoming Programs

All programs are currently full. If you would like to be placed on our wait list please contact Jamie Massa at

This program is currently FULL.

Bark Art – October 9th

Join us at Shangri La Gardens to explore the forest! We’ll investigate interesting tree barks and discover why bark is important. Then, we’ll use kind practices to collect several samples of bark for a hands-on project designed to let your creative side come alive! We will design and decorate bark art to take home.

This program is currently FULL.

Scarecrow Celebration October 16th

Scarecrows can be found all around the gardens, and this is your chance to make a mini-scarecrow of your own! We’ll explore what makes a scarecrow effective and why people want to scare crows in the first place. Then, we’ll get outdoors to collect natural materials to let nature inspire our scarecrow creations.

This program is currently FULL.

Spectacular SunflowersOctober 23rd

Have you noticed all of the spectacular sunflowers planted in the garden? They are all different colors, heights, and sizes; they are all beautiful and unique. On this adventure we’ll take an up close look at the many kinds of sunflowers. Then, we’ll take home a little bit of sunflower beauty after we make our very own sunflower sun catchers. 

This program is currently FULL.

Wicked and CarnivorousOctober 30th

It’s that time of year, but now it’s the plants to fear! Come out to Shangri La Gardens and explore the wicked plants that can prick, poison, and poach. In this adventure we’ll discover how plants use their fearsome features. Then, we’ll focus on carnivorous plants and even get the chance to take a close look into the “belly” of a pitcher plant. 

This program is currently FULL.

Ode to the OutdoorsNovember 13th

Nature sings a unique song. You can hear nature’s song, if you stop to listen. On this adventure we’ll meet several animals up close and discover how they sing their songs. Then, we’ll get outside to explore other whispers on the wind. This program will feature live animals.

This program is currently FULL.

Acorn AdventureNovember 20th

When the leaves begin to fall the acorns do too, so let’s get outside and investigate a few! On this adventure we’ll discover how squirrels collect and hide an acorn cache. Then, we’ll explore all about the acorn to find out where it comes from. We’ll even plant an acorn to see how it grows.