Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center

Saturday Adventure Series

Our Saturday Adventure Series classes are designed for families to experience the natural world together. Classes may include hands-on opportunities, interesting experiences, interactive games or all of the above. Bring the whole family for nature-related fun!

These classes run on selected Saturdays in the spring and fall of each year.

They last for one hour, from 10 to 11 am. Admission is free!

Upcoming Programs

ATTENTION: Children ages 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult registered for the program. Please register ALL attending this program.

Watch as the budding artist blooms within you as we create works of art from natural materials.  During this family-friendly program, we will collect samples of soils, leaves, and flowers from Shangri La Gardens, and use them to produce natural painting mediums. Be inspired by the natural beauty of Shangri La Gardens!

Rain, rain don’t go away!  Join us for this family friendly-program to create your own rain station kit that will leave you excited for those rainy days! We will make rain gauges and rain charts, so that you can track the rain from your home. Rain, rain come again any day!

I’m sure you’re familiar with tie dye, but what about bundle dye? Join us at Shangri La Gardens for this family-friendly program as we explore this unique technique to naturally dye fabric. We will collect beautiful flowers from the gardens, arrange them into an original design, bundle them in fabric, and reveal the gorgeous floral print left behind!

What a beautiful time of year! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the breeze is blowing…aww, but the pollen is floating too. During this family-friendly program we will learn the parts of a flower, and why our nemesis pollen, is so important!  Then, we will make shower steamers using essential oils that just may give you some sniffle relief this Spring!

Spring is here and so are the worms! Let’s welcome our wiggly worm friends with wonderful homes. During this family-friendly program, we will replicate the coziness of the worms’ natural underground habitat in jars. Take your worm jar home to observe how worms compost, dig tunnels, and mix soils!

Don your sun hats as we gather for tea time in the Gardens (weather permitting). We will identify which of the plants at Shangri La Gardens can be made into tea, learn a few tips about how to collect and dry tea leaves, and even steep our own tea to enjoy with a pastry or two. This program is intended for tea lovers of all ages!

How strong could an egg really be? Join us at Shangri La Gardens for this eggs-tra special family-friendly program where we will conduct a half-dozen experiments to answer that very question. No yolk, they are a lot stronger than you think!

Our favorite feathered friends are passing through Shangri La Gardens this month! The whole family is welcome to join us at our bird heronry to observe the migrating birds. Binoculars will be provided so that you can get a closer look, but feel free to bring along your favorite pair from home.

How can you tell where an animal has been? Join us in the search to find something left behind, be it a track, a few bones, or even a pile of scat! During this family-friendly program we will hike Shangri La Gardens’ back trails in search of any evidence of animals. Help us solve the mystery of who’s been where.

Hop on over to Shangri La Gardens to learn all about frogs. During this family-friendly program, we will discover the frog lifecycle. Roll up your sleeves as we explore our frog ponds in the hopes of finding frogs in all of their stages: tadpoles, froglets, and of course frogs!

Calling all the “Fungis” and “Fungals” to explore the magnificent world of mushrooms. Join us on a hike through the back trails of Shangri La Gardens as we identify which mushrooms, and other fungi are harmless, and which ones should be left to the wild. You’re sure to have a “spore”tacular time!