Owl Puke with Maxine the Owl (Grades 3-8 and special groups)

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Meet Maxine, our rehabilitated owl! Maxine is a Barred Owl that came to live at Shangri La after an accident left her with one wing. Two Shangri La representatives will come to your classroom to tell her story and demonstrate amazing owl adaptations. For grades 3-8, this is a live animal show-and-tell presentation followed by a 30-40 minute hands-on owl pellet dissection. This is a great life science program that includes animal adaptations and food chains/webs.
For Maxine’s protection and comfort, we present this program to individual classrooms only. Schools must be within a 60-mile radius of Shangri La.
To register for this free program, please send an email request to Jamie Massa at jmassa@shangrilagardens.org.