Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center


This year we are offering five unique curriculum-based outreach lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length. These lessons are designed to be functional both inside and outside of the classroom. We prefer utilizing available greenspace on your campus whenever possible. We can turn even the smallest outside area into a mini Shangri La Gardens!

We have dates available in the fall and spring semesters. You pick the date, the time, and the lesson specific for your grade level. We would like to facilitate three sessions when we come to your campus. These can be back to back groups of your students OR you can pair up with another teacher who is interested in the same lesson. We will be as flexible as possible!

Currently, outreach programming is limited to Orange County.

Please contact Jamie Massa at (409) 670-0803 or to schedule your classes.

  • Katie Krantz
  • Assistant Executive Director
  • Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center
  • 409-670-0803
Thank you to INVISTA Orange for their support of this program series!

Super Seeds

Grades: K-2

During this lesson students will have the opportunity to explore seeds up close! We’ll investigate plant needs and practice planting a seed of our very own. We’ll leave the new sprouts in the classroom so students may continue helping them grow. Then, we’ll discover how seeds travel and explore how they find the perfect growing spot!

Bird Bonanza

Grades: 2-4

Let’s take an adventure to investigate our feathery friends, the birds! In this lesson we’ll explore important features that make birds unique. We’ll look into the food chain of a top predator, the owl, and dissect owl pellets to discover even more. Then, we’ll get outside for a chance to practice using binoculars. We’ll try to spot some birds and find out who lives nearby. 

Sriracha the Snake

Grades: 3-5

Meet Sriracha the snake, Shangri La Gardens’ resident animal ambassador! Sriracha is a Pueblan milk snake that loves to teach students about reptiles. Students will have a close-up experience with a live snake to explore important reptile features. We’ll investigate other types of reptiles too during our Reptile Discovery Study. In this study, students will be tasked to use scientific tools to observe and learn more about local reptiles. *This program includes a live animal*

Botany Basics

Grades: 6-8

During this lesson students experience a hands-on investigation about plant features and adaptations. First, we’ll explore common trees found in Southeast Texas and practice using a dichotomous key to identify them. Then, students will dissect a flower to discover plant adaptations that are important to the plant lifecycle. This introductory lab will allow students to practice using scientific tools while exploring introductory concepts of botany.

Greenie Beanie Babies

Grade Levels: All Special Education Grade

During this 1-hour lesson, we will engage the student’s five senses as they explore the parts of green bean plants. They will identify basic plant structures, what plants need to grow, uses of plants, and why they are important. Using simple scientific tools like hand lenses, students will investigate these plants up-close. Each student will plant their own seed to study growth in the classroom or even take home.

*Teachers, this lesson can be facilitated onsite at Shangri La Gardens, or in your classroom as an outreach program. Whatever is easiest for you and your students!*