Outreach Student Programs

We know that it’s not always possible to bring your students to Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center. If you can’t bring your students into nature, we will bring nature to you. Shangri La Gardens offers several different outreach programs. All programs are aligned to the science standards for Texas (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

Each lesson is 45 minutes in length. These lessons are designed to be functional both inside and outside of the classroom. We suggest utilizing available greenspace on your campus whenever possible. We can turn even the smallest outside area into a mini Shangri La!

Teachers, you pick the date, the time, and the lesson specific for your grade level. We would like to facilitate three sessions when we come to your campus. These can be back-to-back groups of your students OR you can pair up with another teacher who is interested in the same lesson. We will be as flexible as possible!      

Sensory Adventure | Grade: Pre-K & K

Fully emerge your students into sensory nature exploration. Students will go on a mini adventure to explore nature using all five senses. We will discover plants, rocks, and animals with our hands-on nature touch bins, mystery scent and sound games, and a sugar snap pea taste test. This lesson is all about sensory discovery and practicing how to explore nature safely.  

Animated Ants | Grade: 1st & 2nd

Dive into the tiny life of an ant. Students investigate how ants work together and will discover many fascinating features that make ants unique. Students are introduced to the world of an ant through the exploration of the ant lifecycle. Then, students put their knowledge to the test as they are challenged to construct their own insect with natural materials. Don’t get ants in your pants! We will be up and moving too as we investigate a real ant farm and replicate how ants work together in an energetic game. *This lesson includes live animals.

ROCK-star Science | Grade: 3rd & 4th

Turn your students into ROCK-star Scientists as we explore what happens underneath the Earth’s crust. We will take an adventure through the layers of the Earth, explore the rock cycle, and practice simple lab procedures to investigate the properties of rocks. We will get into the nitty gritty of geology so students can discover different rock characteristics and experience the journey rocks take during formation.  

Clever Critters | Grade: 5th & 6th

Experience the clever strategies plants and animals use to stay alive in the wild! We will meet a famous mimic, our resident milk snake Sriracha, and bring along some smaller mimics too. Then, we will explore just how effective mimicry can be by transforming students into predators on the hunt for lunch. We will find out who survives and investigate how predator and prey populations change over time. *This lesson includes live animals.

Race to Renewable | Grade: 6th, 7th & 8th

Connect scientific concepts to real life through a team engineering challenge. Students will compete to create an efficient wind turbine blade prototype. Students will explore energy transfer and different characteristics of motion. We will practice using the engineering design process to discover how to solve real world problems. In this hands-on lesson, students take the lead and connect creativity with science.

Currently, outreach programming is limited to Orange County.

Please contact Jamie Massa at (409) 670-0803 or jmassa@shangrilagardens.org to schedule your classes.      

Thank you to INVISTA Orange for their support of this program series!

Please select from the links below to learn more about specific programs that are offered as part of our outreach effort: The JASON Project in collaboration with Lamar University Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp, a special program in collaboration with Lamar University