Noelle Jordan

Noelle arrived in 2007 prior to the opening of Shangri La and built the Education Department and programming from the ground up. Noelle changed careers in 1999, leaving a job in Washington, D.C. and moving to Oregon to work on a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education. After receiving her degree, she had many varied and colorful experiences traveling from Oregon to New Brunswick, Canada and many places in between. In Oregon, she waded in clear mountain streams to teach stream flow. In Ohio, she taught with snakes wrapped around her neck and hawks perched on her arm. In the Delaware Bay, she taught marine ecology as she sailed on a tall ship. In Maine, she splashed in tide pools and led many night hikes through coastal woodlands. On Grand Manan Island, she trekked up mountains to teach geology and took students on whale watching cruises. Here in Texas, she has brought the best of her 15 years of experience together to create engaging school, family, and adult programs. Noelle is passionate about helping to create an emotional connection with our world while increasing scientific understanding of its systems.