Adult Workshops

Shangri La’s Adult Workshops are designed for adult life-long learners. Workshops are hosted by Shangri La Gardens’ professional staff and cover a wide variety of topics from gardening, natural history, wildlife and conservation to health and wellness, and more. Workshops are always highly engaging and interactive, with most of them including a hands-on learning experience.

Upcoming Workshops

Grow your orchid experience with our hands-on repotting workshop. In this workshop our epiphyte experts will lead participants through the steps to successfully grow orchids indoors.  We’ll share tips for ultimate orchid care so your exotic beauty will continue to flourish long after returning home. Then, we’ll demonstrate the steps to re-pot an ever-expanding orchid to ensure optimal growth. An orchid, pot, and potting media are all included in the workshop fee.

Come join us in the Shangri La Gardens Production Greenhouse for our Plant Propagation 101 workshop. This workshop is suitable for plant people of all skill levels. Our hands-on class will give students the practice and experience needed to confidently execute several propagation methods such as: seed sowing, plant division, cutting propagation, and air layering. Get excited because participants will take home the plants propagated in the workshop! All other supplies are included in the workshop fee.

*During this Adult Workshop participants will stand for the majority of the workshop time.  There is no option for seated participation.

** This Adult workshop is taking place at our production greenhouse, located at 725 15th Street, Orange.  Participants will park at 500 N. 16th Street in the large parking lot.  A Shangri La Gardens staff member will be there to greet you!

Join our very own Greenhouse Manager, Cheryl Farmer, for a creative container gardening workshop. We’ll explore how to choose the perfect containers, potting mix, and plants for phenomenal gardening success. We’ll share how to transform your outdoor space into a patio paradise, featuring the stunning ornamental plant display put together in this workshop! The workshop fee includes an ornamental plant to take home, and all other necessary supplies.

Be inspired by the world around you! Join us for a workshop to discover the fun of wreath-making in this workshop during our Dreaming of a Green Christmas event.  Try your hand at designing a wreath from fresh greenery & a variety of other natural decorations. Spend time with friends & family to celebrate the season while making a one-of-a-kind creation for your home! All materials and supplies are included with the workshop fee.