Community Trash-Off

Community Trash-Off will be held on Saturday, February 24 at the City of Orange Riverside Pavilion, located at 709 Simmons Drive in Orange, Texas. Orange County residents are encouraged to come out, take pride in their community and help clean up trash from area neighborhoods and waterways. Show your community spirit and join us for a morning of good, CLEAN fun!

Participating teams and individuals will enjoy a free pizza lunch after the event. Teams are limited to 3-5 members, but groups are encouraged to register several teams.

Early registration closes on 2/22, but participants may complete their paperwork the morning of the event.


History of Community Trash-Off:

Community Trash-Off began in 1995 with a small group of concerned citizens who joined forces to help clean trash out of Adams Bayou. That year paved the way for a community event that has steadily grown in scope. The Community Trash-Off became a program of the Stark Foundation in 2002 when the planning for Shangri La was initiated. Today, Community Trash-Off includes efforts to clean not only Adams Bayou, but also the Sabine River and the streets in Orange, Pinehurst and West Orange. Since inception of Community Trash-Off, thousands of individuals have worked tirelessly to collect nearly 200,000 pounds of trash in 20+ years. This one annual event brings the community together with a common cause to make Orange and surrounding municipalities beautiful.