Christmas Tree Decorator Registration

Register to save your place to decorate a Christmas tree displayed at Christmas Strolls! Registration is due by December 2, 2016.

Remember, friends, family and even out-of-town visitors will love to stroll along the pathways to see the decorated trees during the day or at night, and the hours of Christmas Strolls have been extended to 6-9pm (Dec 8-10, 15-17, 21-22, 28-30)!
If you would prefer to submit handwritten forms via mail or fax, please use your browser’s BACK button to return to the previous page where links are available to the General Rules and Entry Form.


NOTE (Rules and Entry):

We require that you read the GENERAL RULES and ENTRY FORM information carefully before clicking and digitally signing or initialing to acknowledge your agreement on the form below. The PDF files of each document should be saved for your records.
If you need assistance any point, please call us at 409.670.9113 or email, subject line: QUESTION – Christmas Tree Decorating.


NOTE (Electronic Signature and Initials*):

By typing a representative’s name in the Digital Signature box, I understand a digital signature is accepted in lieu of a handwritten signature. By typing a representative’s initials in the Initial Here box, I understand digital initials indicating agreement to the General Rules is accepted in lieu of my handwritten initials. It is fully understood by me that a digital signature, including initials, carries the same bindings as handwritten signature or initials.


*Signed and/or initialed Entry/Rules Forms will be deemed originals by Shangri La, regardless of mode of delivery, including electronic submission.


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